CA Partnership Program

The C. A. Partnership Program (CAP) helps first-time offenders understand the causes of their actions and make restitution to repair the harm caused to their community, ensure they understand the consequences of shoplifting, and avoid reoffending in the future.

Available online or through lesson kits delivered by mail, the C. A. Partnership Program utilizes the SA Course and Y.E.S. Program which are facilitated by the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP), the nationwide leader in shoplifting prevention efforts. With programs adopted by justice systems in 49 states today, NASP has been setting the standard for research-based shoplifter education programs with effective results documented by courts since 1977.

NASP’s unparalleled research and ongoing collaboration with community stakeholders – from crime prevention, to law enforcement, to retailers, to criminal and juvenile justice – has been the basis for all its organizational activities and the foundation for its programs and services.

Trusted, Proven Education Programs from NASP

With programs available for both juvenile and adult offenders, the C. A. Partnership Program’s educational materials examine a variety of scenarios that lead people to shoplift and help offenders determine their own reasons for their actions. Participants use that knowledge to plan how they will avoid offending if that situation arises again in the future.

The NASP education program also helps participants learn how shoplifting hurts their communities. With many retailers only making a few cents on the dollar in profits, stealing even a chocolate bar can quickly reduce store profits that lead to store closings and job losses in local communities.

NASP’s trusted and proven education courses have been used nationwide for decades to help both adults and teens discover the facts about shoplifting to help them take control of changing their behavior and avoid offending again.

Through NASP, the C. A. Partnership Program also offers access to counseling services and anonymous support groups, providing the most extensive access to help offenders remain positive citizens within their communities.

NASP has been helping offenders become positive citizens within their communities since 1977. Contact NASP to learn more today.