Enhanced Reports

Using retail and criminal justice specific standards, the system gathers all information required to prepare a comprehensive case report for criminal justice action.

Identification & Contact Information Verification

If no physical ID is present, the system confirms the subject’s identity through use of an electronic ID verification service. The process provides the retailer with the ability to verify address information at point of apprehension, and also also sends a text message to the phone number provided by the suspect at the time of apprehension, so the agent can verify its accuracy.

Training Receipt Integration

The system can be integrated to the retailer’s POS to ensure quick, complete and accurate documentation of stolen items.

Photo & Video Evidence Preservation

The TPJ system provides access to photo or video evidence uploaded by store agents, saving time and resources and ensuring the evidence is retained for future criminal justice use.

Narrative Documentation

This feature walks the agent through a customizable question and answer process to produce a complete, spell-checked narrative that can be automatically transmitted to the retailer’s case management system. The stock narrative builder addresses the typical five-step LP process to make an apprehension and criminal justice elements of proof.

Customizable Additions

Customizable to criminal justice standards, the system allows law enforcement to request specific warrant check procedures and sworn statements or affidavit forms to be used in the reporting process.