Theft Solutions for Retailers
Ensure increased, more consistent restitution, save time, and strengthen community with streamlined cloud-based justice processing and compliant offender education solutions approved nationwide.
  • 100% of restitution goes to retailer with no collection fee
  • Integration for improved civil demand collections
  • Streamline petit theft processing for less reliance on law enforcement resources
  • Strengthen community and customer experience 

Increase Restitution and Offender Accountability
Shoplifting costs retailers billions of dollars every year. Despite extensive Loss Prevention programs, overburdened justice systems struggle to process all of these cases, which reduces restitution for retailers. National studies estimate that only one in 48 shoplifters are caught, and only 30% of those individuals are held accountable for their actions. Not only do these costs harm the bottom line for retailers, but they also raise retail prices for customers and threaten local economies.

Ensure restitution for every incident facilitated through Turning Point Justice and the Crime Accountability Program, with nationally-recognized NASP education programs that ensure 97% of participating offenders never steal again.

In addition to ensuring consistent restitution and reducing the resources necessary to process first-time petit shoplifting cases, both in store and within the community, the simplicity of the TPJ Cloud Justice loss prevention platform makes it much more efficient for retailers to apprehend offenders, obtain restitution and get back to their primary business. Many retailers also find that the TPJ systems reduce the need for police visits to the store, improving retailer autonomy and enabling law enforcement to focus more time on proactive policing in the community.

Lower Losses at No Cost to Stores
From monitoring and inventory control technology to staffing costs, Loss Prevention programs cost retailers billions of dollars each year, and restitution granted through civil demand and traditional criminal justice restitution does little to offset this cost.

There are no costs to retailers for participating in Turning Point Justice solutions. Offenders who choose to participate in TPJ restorative justice solutions cover the costs for retailers and agree to pay the retailer restitution calculated in accordance with each unique incident. A portion of the participation fees are also applied to a trust fund for indigent offenders who would like to take responsibility and get help for their actions, but need financial assistance to do so. Retailers may voluntarily contribute to this fund to ensure no one who wants help is turned away for lack of funds.  

Calculating Restitution with Cloud Justice
When an individual is caught shoplifting, Loss Prevention Agents use the Cloud Justice platform provided for free by Turning Point Justice to interview the offender, gather evidence and determine program eligibility. If the offender qualifies for the C. A. Partnership Program (CAP) as a first time, petit shoplifter, the Cloud Justice platform calculates restitution, which covers the cost of the item, any damages to the retailer’s loss prevention technologies, as well as the retailer’s time spent apprehending and processing the offender. 
First-time offenders who opt into the C. A. Partnership Program agree to pay the calculated restitution amount to the retailer, ensuring more consistent restitution for the offense at a much lower cost to the retailer, justice system, and the local community. The offender receives the opportunity to learn about the harm theft causes, and make amends for their mistake at costs equal to or less than those typically incurred through the traditional court system.

Easy Integration with Existing Loss Prevention Vendors and Incident Management Providers 
When offenders are ineligible for participation in the C. A. Partnership Program or fail to complete the program, the Cloud Justice platform easily integrates into current loss prevention providers such as Civil Demand services, ensuring that retailers are able use the widest range of recovery solutions available to them. Turning Point Justice solutions also integrate with existing incident management providers, eliminating duplication reporting efforts. 

Ensure Compliance with Local Laws
With the turnkey Cloud Justice platforms provided to retail locations, Turning Point Justice simplifies compliance with local and state laws. Our prompt-based systems that protect retailers and reduce liability by guiding loss prevention agents as they collect evidence and statements while processing each incident. Turning Point Justice provides training for loss prevention agents at retail locations to ensure in-store staff understand the C. A. Partnership Program and the Cloud Justice process well before the restorative justice solutions are implemented in stores.
Court systems nationwide have been using the same National Association of Shoplifting Prevention education programs offered through the C. A. Partnership Program for more than 25 years. Through NASP programs, retailers have the assurance of choosing the trusted national provider of shoplifting education and counseling services to facilitate the C. A. Partnership Program for individuals caught shoplifting.

Turning Point Justice conducts no-obligation demonstrations of the Cloud Justice platform for retailers. Contact us to arrange a demonstration or to learn more about streamlining shoplifting restitution with compliant, cloud-based systems that integrate easily into existing Loss Prevention programs and Civil Demand providers.

National studies estimate that only one in 48 shoplifters are caught, and only 30% of those individuals are held accountable for their actions.
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