GIS and Turning Point Justice Team Up to Create Easier LP Processes
Chapin, S.C. – Oct. 15, 2013 – GIS, a leading background screening provider, has joined forces with Turning Point Justice (TPJ) to provide Loss Prevention and Asset Protection professionals with an innovative solution that addresses the lack of criminal justice accountability for retail theft offenders.

Turning Point Justice’s technology works with local criminal justice agencies and participating retailers to standardize and streamline the detention process and improve the outcome of shoplifting cases. Using equipment and technology provided free to retailers, the TPJ application uses GIS services to quickly confirm suspects’ ID, verify addresses and determine the offender’s eligibility to participate in a Court Alternative Program (CAP), frequently eliminating the need to involve law enforcement at that time.

The CAP and its partnership with the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) allow qualifying offenders to voluntarily agree to pay the retailer restitution and attend a nationally recognized criminal justice rehabilitation course offered by NASP. Working with local criminal justice agencies, TPJ monitors offender compliance, submitting offenders who fail to register for the program as promised to law enforcement for prosecution of the shoplifting offense. By completing the program, including payment of restitution, offenders are held accountable without the time and expense of intense criminal justice involvement for the retailer and the permanency of a criminal history for the offender.

Additionally, TPJ’s partnership with GIS enables TPJ to enter the offenders who do not complete the rehabilitation course into GIS’ FCRA-compliant NRMA Retail Theft Database, helping prevent unrepentant criminals from re-offending. In turn, the partnership serves to strengthen the retail theft database. According to Matt Robbins, head of GIS’ retail screening efforts, “GIS’ partnership with Turning Point Justice enables us to get high-quality records that meet our – and the FCRA’s – standards for reporting to our background screening clients. As one of the few operators of an FCRA-compliant retail theft database, the quality and verifiability of the records is highly important to us and to our clients. We hope that the CAP’s innovative use of the database will lead shoplifters to a turning point in their lives.”

Lohra Miller, founder of Turning Point Justice, said “The original goal of Turning Point Justice was to give loss prevention and criminal justice professionals an option that meets their immediate needs and upholds their standards when dealing with the often overwhelming number of retail theft cases. By partnering with GIS, we are not only verifying the shoplifter’s identity on the spot and making sure that they aren’t repeat offenders, we are also providing consistent consequences for their actions if they opt not to take advantage of the CAP offer.”

Said Allan Watters, Senior Vice President of Asset Protection at Sports Authority, “From my perspective, TPJ’s technology and the Court Alternative Program provides an innovative solution. It creates an alternative means to combat the challenges being presented to both the LP industry and criminal justice system with a strong focus on holding the offender responsible for his or her actions.”

About GIS (General Information Services, Inc.)
GIS is a nationally accredited background screening company that has been providing screening services since 1966. In recent years, GIS has grown to serve thousands of customers nationwide by providing comprehensive national and international background check solutions and industry-specific services. For more information about GIS and its products or services, visit
About Turning Point Justice (TPJ)
Led by a seasoned former prosecutor, the professionals at Turning Point Justice are dedicated to providing both retailers and criminal justice agencies with the tools to improve criminal justice accountability and ultimately make our communities safer. Focusing on restorative justice principles, TPJ is using innovative technology solutions and key partnerships to begin a loss prevention evolution. For more information about TPJ and the Court Alternative Program, visit
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