Turning Point Justice Hires Loss Prevention Executive Lauren Danchick

Retail Expert to Lead Industry Expansion at Cloud-based Restorative Justice Solutions Innovator

SALT LAKE CITY – June 9, 2014 – Turning Point Justice (TPJ), the trusted provider of collaborative loss prevention solutions for retailers, today announced that civil demand executive Lauren Danchick has joined the company as Director of Client Development. Danchick will lead the expansion of the Turning Point Justice retail team, working with industry innovators to help businesses address shoplifting and increase restitution while repairing communities through restorative justice solutions to petty theft.
“Shoplifting is a multibillion dollar problem for retailers and communities,” said Lohra Miller, Turning Point Justice chief executive officer. “Retailers lose millions of dollars in theft every day, and there is not enough time or budget to address every one of these offenses through the justice system. Turning Point Justice helps retailers fight petty theft through solutions that ensure offenders face immediate consequences and develop accountability for their actions. Lauren’s experience and industry connections will enable TPJ to help more retailers take the lead in the fight against shoplifting, and we are excited to add her to the team.”
Turning Point Justice solutions combat shoplifting by aligning retailer, law enforcement, and justice system interests. Designed by criminal justice professionals to ensure integrity and compliance from apprehension to offender accountability and community support, TPJ helps retailers reduce the need for law enforcement visits to stores. Each retailer working with Turning Point Justice is provided with a free Cloud Justice mobile platform that loss prevention agents use to interview the offender, gather evidence and determine eligibility for the Court Alternative Program offered in partnership with the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention (NASP). First-time petty shoplifters who choose to participate in CAP complete a NASP education program and agree to pay fair restitution, providing immediate consequences and reducing recidivism at a much lower cost to the retailer, justice system, and the local community.
“Shoplifting causes lost profits for retailers, which leads to lost jobs for local economies,” said Danchick. “The Cloud Justice platform and CAP are innovative solutions for retailers and their communities, and I am delighted to join Turning Point Justice to help more retailers fight shoplifting with TPJ technology and proven education solutions from NASP.”
Prior to joining Turning Point Justice, Danchick was director of sales and marketing for Civil Demand Associates (CDA), where she has worked since 2006. A respected leader in the loss prevention and civil demand industry, Danchick is dedicated to helping retail loss prevention professionals protect their companies and their communities from crime.
About Turning Point Justice
Turning Point Justice (TPJ), a rapidly growing cloud technology company, provides collaborative solutions to retail theft that cultivate positive change through restorative justice. Designed by criminal justice professionals to ensure integrity and compliance from apprehension to incident resolution, Turning Point Justice solutions align the interests of retailers, law enforcement, and the justice system to combat shoplifting. TPJ solutions ensure consistent restitution and legal compliance for retailers, and provide first-time shoplifters with education that enables offenders to avoid a criminal record and remain positive members of their communities. With its Cloud Justice platform and CAP restorative justice solutions offered in partnership with the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, Turning Point Justice saves time and budget for retailers and law enforcement alike. Follow Turning Point Justice on Twitter at @TPJSolutions or visit us online at

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