Turning Point Justice Hires Retail Advisory Director Paul Lunt
Loss Prevention Executive to Advise Retailers Fighting Shoplifting with TPJ Cloud Technology and CAP Crime Accountability Solutions Offered in Partnership with NASP
SALT LAKE CITY – Oct. 7, 2014 – Loss prevention cloud technology company Turning Point Justice today announced that loss prevention industry veteran Paul Lunt has joined TPJ in the role of Retail Advisory Director. With nearly 30 years of loss prevention experience, Lunt has served in executive leadership roles at Loehmanns, Finlay Enterprises, Footlocker, Staples and Filene’s Department Stores. At Turning Point Justice, Lunt will serve retailers integrating TPJ Cloud Justice technology into their theft prevention programs.
“Paul has led loss prevention operations for many of the most iconic brands in retail,” said Lohra Miller, Turning Point Justice CEO. “Paul has guided many industry leaders through three decades of evolution in best practices for loss prevention, and we’re excited to share his expertise with the retailers we support through Turning Point Justice solutions to shoplifting.”
Turning Point Justice helps retailers and communities stand up to shoplifting through its Cloud Justice incident processing platform and the CAP for Shoplifting crime accountability program offered in partnership with the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention. Based upon the principle that cooperation between retailers, law enforcement and the justice system, CAP enables retail loss prevention teams to quickly identify and qualify first time offenders who admit to the theft, are willing to take responsibility for their actions and wish to resolve the incident without the need for an immediate law enforcement response.
CAP features NASP’s adult and juvenile shoplifter education programs and student management services, which are used by courts in 49 states nationwide. The TPJ Cloud Justice incident processing platform is provided free of charge to retailers participating in CAP. The platform complements existing civil demand practices to maximize restitution while conserving valuable criminal justice resources for addressing more serious offenses, including organized retail crime.
“Turning Point Justice is bringing incredible innovation to the loss prevention industry to save everyone time and money while improving offender accountability and reducing repeat offenders,” said Lunt. “I am pleased to be joining the TPJ leadership team made up of senior executives across law, loss prevention and educational training to deliver a truly unique LP concept, which I believe will change the dynamics of the fight against shoplifting from the ground up.”
Prior to joining Turning Point Justice, Lunt served as vice president of loss prevention at Loehmanns, where he developed and managed loss prevention programs for all stores and distribution centers. Throughout his career, Lunt has focused on cost efficient solutions that minimize risk and shrinkage for retailers.
About Turning Point Justice
Turning Point Justice (TPJ) is a rapidly growing cloud technology company that assists victims of crime, communities and law enforcement agencies in working together to improve accountability for offenders and outcomes for victims. Designed by criminal justice professionals, TPJ Cloud Justice solutions ensure integrity and compliance from apprehension to offender accountability and community support. Turning Point Justice serves the retail industry in partnership with the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention through the CAP Program, which saves time and budget for law enforcement, ensures consistent restitution and legal compliance for retailers, and provides first-time shoplifters with education that enables offenders to avoid a criminal record and remain positive members of their communities. Visit us at to learn more.
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