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About the Crime Accountability Partnership

The Crime Accountability Partnership is an innovative initiative to provide a comprehensive, sustainable and effective program for retailers and criminal justice agencies to better address petit shoplifting. Since its foundation in 2014, the initiative has allowed retailers and criminal justice agencies to collaboratively reduce calls to law enforcement between 40% and 60% while effectively educating and holding accountable more than 24,000 individuals. 

The result of alliance between the non-profit National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) and Turning Point Justice (TPJ), the C.A. Partnership’s goal is to change individual behaviors leading to shoplifting while significantly reducing the time and costs associated with low-level retail theft and minimizing the expenditure of public and private resources. Retailers and community criminal justice agencies become part of this alliance when they implement the C.A. Partnership Program for shoplifters in their communities.

Offered by partner retailers and community criminal justice agencies who recognize the need to reduce the often excessive burden that low-level shoplifting cases place on all stakeholders and reduce recidivism, the C.A. Partnership Program provides eligible individuals with a one-time opportunity to take responsibility for their actions at the time of apprehension and learn from their mistakes.  The Program’s innovative process provides this opportunity while protecting individual rights to make voluntary choices and each participating stakeholder’s need to exercise independent discretion for handling these incidents.
Partner retailers utilize the TPJ Cloud Justice™ incident processing platform to screen individuals based on community set eligibility criteria, offer the program option, and produce a single, complete, accurate, shareable and prosecutable report designed to:

  • Reduce law enforcement calls and improve community relations
  • Minimize detention time and standardize screening and reporting
  • Reduce costs associated with police having to prepare duplicative reports
  • Provide consistent case processing and improved incident reports
The C.A. Partnership Program education, student management and restitution collections are provided by NASP who employs the same offense-specific education programs and proprietary techniques used to provide these services to court systems across the country. NASP’s case managers:
  • Provide support and assistance to maximize participation and ensure education program success for participants
  • Provide participants with access to continued support to reduce repeat offenses
  • Manage the Indigence Fund to ensure equal access for all individuals offered the program

For additional information, please contact the CAP Program at 1-888-725-8394 or email

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