Turning Point Justice believes that a collaborative approach with open dialogue is the best solution to solve the problem of theft. We hear many questions in our discussions with retailers and justice system professionals, and have provided answers to many of the common topics below. If you have a question not addressed on this page, please contact us so we can discuss your question or
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Retail FAQs

+ What kind of results have been observed at retailers using TPJ loss prevention solutions?

+ Does TPJ pay restitution to the retailer?

+ How is restitution calculated under TPJ solutions?

+ What types of retailers are using TPJ solutions?

+ What is the Cloud Justice platform?

+ How do my LPAs learn to use the Cloud Justice platform?


Criminal Justice System FAQs

+ Are TPJ solutions compliant with our local laws?

+ How do the TPJ solutions help my community?


Restorative Justice FAQs

+ What is restorative justice?

+ How does restorative justice work with traditional justice systems?

+ Why is restorative justice needed?

+ What is the evidence that restorative justice is effective?

+ Why should someone who committed a crime be able to maintain a clear record through a restorative justice program?

+ Does TPJ provide resources to make sure people don’t shoplift again?

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