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Cloud Justice Platform

Cloud-based Loss Prevention and Restitution
The Cloud Justice platform streamlines case processing by uniting identification, criminal record and law enforcement databases with GPS tracking while gathering evidence, calculating restitution, and preparing police and civil demand reports.

The Cloud Justice Platform:
  • Disseminates reports to civil demand providers, retail incident management systems, police record departments and prosecutor offices when appropriate
  • Provides retailers with relevant incident data
  • Collects and verifies identity
  • Explains the C. A. Partnership Program (CAP)
  • Screens offender for eligibility
  • Calculates restitution
  • Prepares case reports
While the turnkey system is designed as an easy-to-use, intuitive experience, Turning Point Justice provides free training to ensure LP agents fully understand the Cloud Justice platform before it is implemented in stores.
Through the secure Cloud Justice system, the platform integrates with identity databases, criminal record systems, including the National Retail Mutual Association (NRMA) database, GPS systems networked into local law enforcement resources, and big data analysis of shoplifting trends in an individual store and across local regions.
Ensure Consistent and Compliant Loss Prevention Processes Across Stores
Local prosecution policies and legal requirements are built into the Cloud Justice platform, ensuring that Loss Prevention Agents not only consistently follow local justice system practices but that they are compliant with company policies and procedures.
Once a person is apprehended, animated videos integrated into the Cloud Justice platform ensure that the justice process and the C. A. Partnership Program are consistently explained to the offender to provide compliance with local and state prosecution and legal systems. If specific requirements are met during the LPA’s guided interview with the shoplifter, the Cloud Justice platform offers the option to participate in the C. A. Partnership Program, and clearly communicates that participation is the choice of the individual.

Animated videos explain the seriousness of shoplifting and the C. A. Partnership Program to the offender, ensuring consistent loss prevention processing for every incident across stores.

Non-qualifying offenders will be screened out, prompting LPAs to contact local law enforcement through the provided non-emergency numbers obtained through the GPS integration offered in the Cloud Justice System. If the offender is a juvenile, the LPA is prompted to contact a parent or guardian before proceeding with more information about the C. A. Partnership Program and the justice system to ensure compliance with the law.
To obtain a login to view a demo online or schedule a live Cloud Justice demonstration, please contact Turning Point Justice.
Streamlines incident management through the cloud for compliant, consistent loss prevention from individual stores to nationwide chains.
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