To Serve and Protect, Not Administer and Process
By Lohra Miller, CEO of Turning Point Justice
Next week TPJ will be heading to the Florida Police Chiefs Association meeting in Boca Raton to speak about the Court Alternative Program (CAP). As a former District Attorney, I have a shared history in achieving the goals of the law enforcement professionals I worked with every day through the court system. While the mottos adopted by police departments across our country may vary, most would agree that their departments exist to uphold the law to protect citizens and communities.
Whenever you read the news headlines or watch the news, either in your local town or on nationwide broadcasts, it seems that our society is sadly plagued by crimes that are growing in numbers and in seriousness. Our officers are busier than ever, but time pressures and budget constraints make it difficult for police departments across the nation to maximize the time they spend in their communities.
Officers, Not Admins

To uphold our laws and maintain safe communities, police departments feel a duty to respond to retail theft. However, the reality is that in the majority of cases today, officers are primarily called to serve an administrative function. This includes identifying the offender, gathering information about the offense, and initiating the offender into the criminal justice system.
Every minute spent completing retail theft paperwork or testifying in court is a minute that officers are not able to participate in proactive police work. In fact, it’s not uncommon for an officer called to a retail store to have to spend half of their shift (or longer) processing a single shoplifting incident. Later, that officer would have to spend more time testifying in court to ensure the offender faces consequences for their actions.
Out of Stores, Back to Streets
TPJ has developed shoplifting solutions that help our police officers focus more of their attention on proactive policing to protect communities. Accountability is key to helping first-time shoplifters avoid becoming repeat offenders, but due to the resources it takes to process every incident, many offenders walk away, leading them to erroneously think that shoplifting is no big deal. The CAP program we offer in conjunction with our partners the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) ensures that more shoplifters face consistent, appropriate consequences, ensuring more offenders are held accountable for shoplifting while simplifying the administration of shoplifting offenses.
Compliance Through the Cloud
Available at no charge to retailers or law enforcement, our Cloud Justice platform used by retail Loss Prevention Agents streamlines shoplifting incident processing, reducing the amount of time law enforcement spends responding to and processing retail theft incidents. The Cloud Justice platform was designed to ensure retailers comply with local laws, and it integrates into inventory, identification, and criminal records systems to gather case information and evidence in real time, lightening the administrative burden on our police officers.
Police departments in communities using CAP report that they are now making 41% fewer calls to participating stores. We’ll be talking to many officers about the challenges of fighting shoplifting next week in Florida, but if you would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out to us at

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