Identifying Serial Shoplifters Through the Cloud 
By Lohra Miller, CEO of Turning Point Justice

Retailers and police in Nebraska recently met up to share information on serial shoplifters hurting businesses in their communities. Until now, this grassroots action was one of the few options available to communities that wanted to identify the individuals who were hurting their local economies. There was simply no other way to know if someone was stealing at numerous locations around town. Without this information, many of these serial shoplifters likely faced lighter consequences than we would expect after committing so many crimes.

Turning Point Justice developed our Cloud Justice platform to streamline the screening of shoplifters in stores. The platform includes integration with the NRMA retail theft database, which helps stores identify serial shoplifters and contact local police for support. The NRMA database is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and it enables retailers to stop these offenders at the time of the incident while using other tools in the Cloud Justice platform to gather evidence to help law enforcement and prosecutors working on the case.

Technology is powerful, but collaboration is the real key to stopping shoplifting. We’re excited to be helping retailers better serve their communities by teaming up with law enforcement and prosecutors through cloud-based innovation.
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