Ending Information Isolation:
Case Management Through the Cloud

By Lohra Miller, Turning Point Justice CEO

In our professional and personal lives, many of us are starting to get used to cloud computing. When we snap a photo on our phones, our content can automatically integrate with cloud storage so we never have to worry about losing anything stored on our devices. We are also increasingly sharing documents through the cloud for easier collaboration and less email bulk. Cloud computing breaks down silos and makes it easier for us to work together seamlessly.
Similarly, the TPJ Cloud Justice platform was designed to simplify the processing of shoplifting incidents using the cloud. Cloud Justice ends information isolation by linking data across a variety of sources into case management systems, enabling loss prevention executives to streamline shoplifting prevention in stores across the nation while gathering evidence that is critical for police reports and prosecution.
Free of charge to retailers, the Cloud Justice platform integrates numerous databases and case management systems. Across identity databases, GIS shoplifting offender databases, and inventory databases with Wazagua, LPMS, and other case management systems, we designed Cloud Justice to fix the missing link in retail loss prevention.
Cloud Justice gathers all the data needed for law enforcement and justice system reports, and then disseminates it to retailers’ existing records management systems. Data automatically integrates with existing systems, so there is no need to duplicate work. The platform is customizable and flexible, so it can be updated to match local laws and store practices. For example, if a shoplifter is identified as a serial offender through the GIS database integration, the loss prevention agent will be prompted to call the local law enforcement through the non-emergency dispatch number that displays on screen.
In order to be effective, change cannot be costly. We realized our solution had to be free to retailers and criminal justice agencies. Instead, the Cloud Justice platform costs are covered through offender participation fees. These fees are paid by first time, petty shoplifters who choose to participate in our Court Alternative Program, a shoplifting education solution we offer in partnership with the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP). By integrating into existing well-established incident management vendors, with a solution that costs nothing to retailers, Cloud Justice provides a platform that helps our industry finally streamline the fight against shoplifting.
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