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About Turning Point Justice

Turning Point Justice (TPJ), a rapidly growing cloud technology company, provides collaborative solutions to retail theft that cultivate positive change through restorative justice. Designed by criminal justice and loss prevention professionals to ensure integrity and compliance from apprehension to incident resolution, Turning Point Justice solutions align the interests of retailers, law enforcement, and the justice system to combat theft. TPJ solutions ensure consistent restitution and legal compliance for retailers, and provide first-time offenders with education that enables them to remain positive members of their communities. With its Cloud Justice platform and C. A. Partnership Program, restorative justice solutions offered in partnership with the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, Turning Point Justice saves time and budget for retailers and law enforcement alike. 

Unifying Retailers and Justice Through the Cloud
FBI data shows that theft is the most common crime in America. Shoplifting costs U.S. retailers $52 billion dollars per year, and costs taxpayers even more by overloading police departments and burdening the justice system with court cases. Still, the complexity of prosecuting shoplifters means that many shoplifting crimes go unreported due to ineffective and time-consuming administration systems. Without consequences, first-time offenders find it easier to steal again, hurting themselves, retailers, and society.

The Cloud Justice platform unifies cloud-based identification systems, retail inventory, GPS tracking, and criminal records systems in an easy-to-use, turnkey platform that helps on-site retail Loss Prevention Agents quickly process individuals caught shoplifting. When an offender is apprehended, the TPJ Cloud Justice platform helps retail Loss Prevention agents collect photo and video evidence of the theft and prepares a comprehensive police report through guided, legally-compliant prompts, including statements from the offender made at the time of the incident. Turning Point Justice provides the Cloud Justice system to participating retailers.  
To ensure efficient restitution while supporting their local communities, retailers participating in Turning Point Justice programs offer first time offenders the chance to learn from their actions through the C. A. Partnership Program facilitated by National Association for Shoplifting Prevention courses adopted by court systems across the United States. To participate, the offender agrees to pay the restitution to the retailer according to costs calculated by the Cloud Justice system during incident processing, based on the cost and condition of the item, any damages to loss prevention technologies, and the time the retailer spent during processing and reporting of the loss.

Why Choose TPJ
Increased restitution through legally-compliant loss prevention solutions
Integration with existing civil demand and incident management providers to complement current practices
Protection for retailers by avoiding “bounty” incentives and the perception and liability issues that result
Reduced recidivism by emphasizing offender accountability through immediate consequences that are proportionate with the offense
Proven NASP™ shoplifting education programs trusted by thousands of justice systems across the United States for over 25 years
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