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Fight Shoplifting, Grow Restitution, Integrity and Trust

Hear from three Leaders in the Asset Protection world who are working with the Crime Accountability Program to save their communities millions, and provide a second chance for petit theft offenders.

Turning Point Justice offers unique, collaborative solutions that combat shoplifting by aligning retailers, law enforcement, and justice system interests.

Unlike programs that aim to profit from rapidly-developed offerings without integration with criminal justice systems, local law enforcement, and civil demand providers, TPJ solutions have been designed by criminal justice and loss prevention professionals to ensure integrity and compliance from apprehension to offender accountability and community support. Learn More


Increase restitution through legally-compliant loss prevention solutions
Integration with existing civil demand and incident management providers to complement current practices
Protection for retailers by avoiding "bounty" incentives and the perception and liability issues that result
Reduced recidivism by emphasizing offender accountability through immediate consequences that are proportionate with the offense
Proven restorative justice provider of NASP™ shoplifting education programs trusted by thousands of justice systems across the United States for over 20 years.

Crime Accountability Partnership Program Has Saved Communities $100M and Changes Lives

Created by Turning Point Justice (TPJ) ( and the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) (, the Crime Accountability Partnership (C.A. Partnership) Program has not only saved communities more than $100 million in resources, but it has saved thousands of people from a self-destructive, criminal future. The C.A. Partnership Program has become the newest ally in the fight against shoplifting.

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